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Rammed-Earth Manor in Sonoma is Anything But Earthy

NedForrest1 green
This seeming antiquity is not to be found in the streets of Paris, after centuries of weathering, but right here in California Wine Country, designed by San Francisco architect Ned Forrest in the last few years.

And these two intriguing Grey stripes in the facade, that suggest the high-waist-ed ribbons on an Empire gown from the Regency era, are the result of the natural colors of local clays in the region, because this house was built with rammed earth.
NedForrest2 green
Rammed earth construction, while now more typically associated with green home building, is also of historical significance. That is why we see it used in this most traditional of buildings, by this most traditional of local architects.
NedForrest3 greenInside, the stifling heat of the Sonoma vineyard is kept at bay by 18 inch thick rammed earth walls, which take half a day to transmit the temperature outside, to the inside. As you can imagine, this means little or no need for airconditioning during Sonoma’s interminable 90 degree-plus summers.
DavidEaston green
To create the rammed earth technology, Forrest engaged the artisanal services of rammed earth guru  David Easton, who clearly delights in – not merely the beauty of the different textures and colors made possible with rammed earth technology – but also in the engineering problems to solve.

Here’s what he says about it. “Rammed earth can represent a much lower carbon footprint than concrete.  If the soil for the walls is close to the project, then transportation fuel consumption will be low.  If careful formulation allows design strengths to be met with 7% or less cement, then a big savings in CO2 will accrue.”

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