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Rebar Woven Into Composting Shed

Groves Raines1 green

Groves-Raines Architects has built a simple gardening shed in the architect’s garden, constructed entirely out of rebar; the bars normally used to reinforce concrete in foundations and freeways. The bars are bent (and allowed to rust) to seem almost organic, and the shed has a green roof.

Groves Raines2 green

Interestingly, the normally rigid industrial rebar is treated like a primitive building material – using a traditional willow weaving technique to provide the structure. Because the ends of the rods are driven straight into the ground rather than using concrete foundations, the technique minimizes any impact on the ground and the surrounding mature woodland.

Groves Raines3 green

To help in the composting process air and sunlight pass naturally through the structure. The green roof is planted soft swaying grasses which further strengthens the connection with the wooded context.

Groves Raines4 green

The simple and unique garden composting shed was one of the six winning entries for the AIA Excellence in Design Awards this year, in a competition whose past winners have included Foster & Partners and Zaha Hadid.

By blending seamlessly with nature, it enhances the beauty of the act of composting, which is far easier and more like gardening than you think once you actually try it. Then you find out that it is very natural. Composting is really just “making earth”.

Source: DeZeen

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