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Recycled Tropical Hardwoods Fill Jakarta Eco Home

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Captured in these intriguing photos from Fernando Gomulya is a complex and interesting house marked by inlays of ornate tropical hardwoods set in the south of Jakarta, a region still dominated by lush, tropical forest.

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Offset by the stark cool whites of stucco, the fascinating patchwork of woody windows make a gorgeous contrast, both in detail and variation. TWS & Partners have extensively recycled ancient woods, beautifully oiled for a long second life.

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The extensive recycling shapes the design. The framing for the windows using the recycled woods determines the patchwork shapes outlined.

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“Those various forms are in together creating a patchwork pattern of façade” they say, “because we retain the original different size of them. On some part, we combine exposed concrete roosters to explore more patchwork look.”

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Offsetting the warmth and storied history of the ancient oiled wooden windows with the coolness of the stark white plaster work is a smooth black stone tile flooring.

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Because the very tropical house is open to the outside air in so many places, the flooring throughout has to be as durable as exterior finishes.

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These cool floors help cool the interior spaces as well, along with the breezy cross ventilation provided by the multiple recycled windows.

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The very, very open interior plan with its exciting zig zag shapes connecting it all throughout, is not just beautiful, but it also helps move breezes.

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In each space, the columns and beams are just exposed with its natural concrete plaster color, among the white walls.

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Underneath the tile roof, is more recycled wood. The humble box packaging becomes the wooden structure for the roof applied with wooden ceiling finish.

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“We are using recycled wooden window which are various from top hung opening, swing opening, and fixed, they may are with louver or clear glass” say the architects.

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In addition to the great reuse of recycled materials, the architects chose a super efficient terra cotta tile for the roof. “Terracotta roof tiles with no glazed finish are used to have more responsive values to the environment, because it balances the heat in very short time by its open pores” say the architects.

This unglazed clay roof reduces the heat going in to the house by 70%.

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A truly inspirational green home.

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