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Studio Mumbai Wows Me Again

Belavali5 green
The garden of a lyrical, subtle house from Bijou Jain of Studio Mumbai is a key player in this design. It appears to walk right through the house. A quiet craftsmanship is evident throughout the Belavali House, set in a lush mango orchard in tropical India.
Belavali1 green

Every detail you see has been created by Jain’s artisanal team. Even the brass door hinges are handcrafted.

Belavali3 green
Brass and teak throughout soften and contrast to the silky smooth concrete, hand-polished to an deep, purplish, greenish, iridescent luster that defies a color name.

Belavali2 green
Silky smooth concrete forms floors and walls both inside and out.

Belavali4 green
Attention to detailing creates a smooth radius at every 90º junction, forming a seamless surface that is both beautiful and, in the tropics, practical.

Belavali6 green
As with the gorgeous Palmyra House – Studio Mumbai uses a lot of teak louvres. ‘Most of the houses I do are built for the rain,’ says Jain. ‘The monsoon is stunning. There is no noise from the rain, but there is a certain sound; a sort of silence in the rains. There is something lyrical about it.’

Belavali7 green
Jain likens to the tone of this concrete to the shadows cast between mango tree leaves that surround the house.
Belavali8 green

Louvres play a big part in Jain’s work, forming a contrast with the concrete.

Belavali9 green
Stone is used outside, tying the building to ancient structures in the region.

Belavali11 green
A delight.

Source: architectural-review

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