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Supermodel Naomi Campbell Commissions a Gorgeous Solar EcoHome

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A modern-day Cleopatra, as renowned for her exotic African beauty and as rich as the original Cleopatra herself, Naomi Campbell has commissioned a reverent and mythical eco design for her island home on Isla Playa de Cleopatra in Turkey, referencing the Eye of Horus from Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Campbell’s choice of architects is astute. The brilliant and visionary Spanish architect Luis de Garrido is the internationally recognized teacher of “naturalezas artificiales” a sustainable architecture that is so organic that it is literally – artificial nature.

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With this commission he gets to realize a truly imaginative and resonant intelligent building.

Like a tree this high domed central living space will provide three floors of naturally cooled shelter and cool air for all those dwelling within.

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Supplying an abundance of accommodation with 25 bedrooms, the modern-day Cleopatra shares the bounty of her wealth generously with many guests.

One hopes they will take home some of the great sustainable design lessons set out here for their own architects to reuse.

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The house is set partly below ground to cool it in summer and moderate winter cold. Yet because of the dome shape, even the bottom floor gets plenty of sun.

The house harvests rainwater and treats wastewater sustainably, leaving no pollution.

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Each of these sun-drenched solar panel surfaces are providing the power needed to live the luxurious life in guiltless peace.

The roof of the dome is covered with hundreds of solar panels that are flipped up like leaves on a tree so from the sky they are perfectly aligned to soak up sunpower.

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But underneath, air circulates under each flipped-up solar panel, and greenery is set under each, so that it is not stifling and hot on each of the three floors inside.

This is the architecture and housing of the future, based on strict sustainable criteria, bioclimatic, ecological, intelligent, high energy efficiency with a unique design.

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  2. Vicki Says:

    This is a stunning home! I wonder how this would perform in a northern climate like Minneapolis with it's more extreme temperature differences? Awesome home! Wish I was loaded to be able to mimic it!

  3. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Yes, it is great when the "loaded" actually do the right thing!

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