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The ARKit is Easily Assembled in Remote Sites

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Ideal for erecting in remote locations, Australia’s ARKit beautiful modular prefabs, clad in sustainably harvested western red cedar, make building easy. They can be delivered throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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They are built with full energy efficient kitchens and bathrooms completed inside, ready for water and electrical hookup on site. They are ideal for remote locations and difficult terrain, as little needs to be done on site.
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They offer two options. Factory built (F-Series) are entirely completed in the factory and driven to the site, complete on trailers. Like anything that is transported like this, these are restricted by width; in this case, to four units across.
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Alternatively they can be site-built (S-Series), still comprising prefab units, but packed and shipped by container. These ones allow five sections across and allow for more options.
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All the parts are built in a factory and utilize a system of panels designed to connect to any other section, as each has a matching tongue and groove watertight connecting system.

A highly reflective roof is designed to capture and collect rainwater for use in the house, and gray water recycling and filtration systems can be added to further maximize water usage.
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Windows or clad sections can be placed in any order along any side of the simple rectangular shapes. The wall system supposedly incorporates insulation, but it is extremely thin, if so. There is no R-value listed on ARKit’s site.

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Interiors are lined with plantation hoop pine plywood.
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But the ease of this kind of prefab makes for a great Kiwi bach. All you need to do is move in.

Via Inhabitat

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