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This Dome Home Can Resist Category 5 Hurricanes

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Here’s real security for you, in times of increasingly severe weather:

This slowly rotating dome home’s central pivot point allows this house to naturally resist an earthquake up to an 8 on the Richter Scale. But not only that:

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The rounded exterior shape makes it able to withstand a hurricane force wind up to 175 mph without sustaining any significant damage.

The rotation is to align the solar panels (almost out of sight on the “roof”) to the suns gradual movement across the sky. It does not rotate a full 360 degrees, but just enough to keep the solar panels at optimum angle to the sun.

The rotation is so smooth and gradual as to be imperceptible from both inside and outside the house. The dome owner can direct the house to point in a particular direction by use of a remote control.

The solar panels produce most or all of the energy required to power life in a Domespace house.

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Images:  Domespace International
A dome naturally has greater thermal efficiency. And the Domespace’s tall skylights virtually eliminate the need of electric lights during the day.

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Domespace offers these rotating dome houses in a variety of sizes; the larger ones have two living levels. This almost makes it worth putting up with the curved walls. They make me feel a bit nauseous. But that’s just me, right?

Images from Solaleya
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5 Comments so far to “This Dome Home Can Resist Category 5 Hurricanes”
  1. John Woolington Says:

    Beautiful design. These folks should be pitching this design around the gulf of Mexico. Put the home on stilts to survive the storm surge and you have a long term solution for those foolish enough to live there.

  2. skraemer Says:

    And all of us “foolish enough” to live in earthquake country too. Mea culpa.

  3. nikii Says:

    pretty n intelligent…beauty wid d brains type!!

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  5. Audy Says:

    I really like this house design but how much for 1 or for the plans to build one

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