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This is Not Just a Shed

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With the collapse of the housing market, you may be considering how tiny of a space you could live in, instead.

Rather than shoulder that giant mortgage, why not try something completely different. A tiny house that you could pay for and be done with.
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Could you squeeze into a shed? I think I could. I’d rather enjoy living in this beautifully made cottage from Susanne, Sven and Frederick Asa of add-a-room.

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Well, maybe that is a bit tiny! But the whole idea of the add-a-room is that you can simply add a room as you need it.

The family-owned company makes these exquisite cottages to be used as adjustable second homes by vacationing Swedes.

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You just insert a 7 foot wide by 10 foot connector unit between the two. The connecting area can be configured for any variety of plumbing, bathroom/kitchen, outdoor shower/outdoor kitchen – gardening supplies… however you want it.

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The connecting area can be open to the elements, as shown here – with an outdoor gardening sink supplying water for plant seedlings, and an outdoor shower, or it can be fully enclosed as part of the house, as a bathroom/kitchen with full sliding doors as the entry.

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The tiny size (about 10 feet by 16 feet) keeps the small house (at least the first unit) well within the building permit purview in many jurisdictions, as a “shed” making it easy to get started. Yet each unit is completely  insulated to withstand Swedish-level winters.

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The wood is a stained black core from Southern pine, a Danish invention of Super Wood that is finished to be future-proof without heavy metals and solvents.

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The sleek and solidly built windows and sliding doors from the Danish company Velfac, are in black powder-coated aluminum on the outside and with a wood interior, for minimal maintenance and durability.
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Bathroom and kitchen fixtures are similarly practical and well thought out. These are built in their “facilities in Tyresö of talented Swedish craftsmen with long experience.”

This is the greenest way to build. Factory construction really reduces construction waste that fills landfills.

The entire house can be delivered fully ready to live in at your site by crane and on a lorry.

Definitely not just a shed!

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  1. Kari Lønning Says:

    I saw this back when it was first posted and so felt like coming home to stumble across it again. I love the creative potential, and weather hardiness in this design and construction.

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