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Three Foot Wide “Walden House” by Nils Holger Moorman

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A house with the tiniest footprint imaginable has 360 degree views from this; its living room. Hardly there at all. Based on the idea of Thoreau’s Walden House,  architect Nils Holger Moorman furnishes the bare minimum of civilized amenities – arranged in such a way that you are barely sheltered from nature. A place to store some books, a table to share a glass of wine with friends.

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The entire house is little wider than a door. But there is room for the essentials of the simple life: the firewood has its place, the hanging cauldron for cooking, hung from an overhang that  slides out  when needed, the fold down table to prepare a salad from the garden or filet a fresh-caught fish from the stream.

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Like a frame, suggesting consciousness perceiving the non-sentient landscape. Nothing more.

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Inspired by the writings of Thoreau, writing in the mid 19th century, who advocated for the simple life in ‘Walden, or Life in the Woods,’ Moorman’s garden project invites you to live very simply, entirely in nature. There is just room for several friends to join you in a pleasant discussion.

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When you tire of the rigors of a social life, you can retire (by ladder) to the rooftop bed where there is just the right amount of room (for just you) to consider the passing clouds and perhaps drift off to nap in the aerie space under the sliding glass roof. Stargazing and thinking space is planned for. All that other stuff? Not really essential.

Images: Nils Holger Moorman
Source: Doornob

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  1. Christa Pirl Says:

    I love it! What a great summer cottage this would make! Although a bed for two might be a good second edition of the house… all the cut-outs seem to take some inspiration from Corbu's Rond Champ, no?

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