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Typical Finnish Simplicity Celebrated in Villa Mecklin

VillaMecklin3 green
Finns love to keep a cottage on the archipelago on the Baltic Sea where they can commune with nature during the long hours of “midnight sun” – as seen here.

At the typically Finnish ‘Villa Mecklin’ designed by Helsinki firm Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects, a very uncontrived fire pit is covered over when not in use.

VillaMecklin4 green
(This girl is standing on the spot where the fire pit is.) Simple cottages dot the many islands within the archipelago reflecting an unpretentious Finnish design sensibility.

VillaMecklin5 green
The island setting is rocky with low vegetation and ground cover moss, grasses, heather and juniper bushes around. The untreated wood outside will just turn Grey naturally.

VillaMecklin2 green

The entire living space is just under 800 square feet, with the kitchen at the far end of this room. Storage is in virtually every wall. Frugal waste-not-want-not design like this is green because it minimizes impact on resources.

VillaMecklin1 green
Sleeping quarters for the family are in the central block behind the wall.

VillaMecklin6 green
The bedrooms and a bathroom are accessed by the short central passage connecting the back door straight through to the view out to sea.

Source: Architonic
Photos: Marko Huttunen

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