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VisionDivision Creates Bamboo Palace from Asphalt Hell

Who doesn’t hate the boring, hot hell of asphalt playgrounds. What a horrible place for kids to play.

So when a Swedish grade school on a limited budget needed a vision -  who better to contact to remediate this familiar childhood hell than VisionDivision; fresh from their very inspirational rainwater-collection umbrella design in the Saharan desert for a childrens’ hospital.
Visiondivisionbamboopalace green
Inventive and resourceful, VisionDivision simply used the Gothenberg school’s existing budget for asphalt maintenance to rip it out instead; creating a pattern of marked plots where they grew “palace walls” out of bamboo.

“With the help of a fast growing Swedish bamboo; Salix, we managed to create a large visual impact on the boring asphalt yard that also was relatively inexpensive,” they say.

“A pattern combined from plans of palaces from all over the world is created by tearing away parts of the existing asphalt,” explained the architects.

The sculpted bamboo palace walls create a variety of little nooks and crannies that encourage imaginative play.

Already when the kids return to school, the palace walls will  reach half their height and in twenty five years, VisionDivision suggests harvesting the bamboo so it can be made into the furniture for the new castle that will rise for the next generation of kids.

Image: Visiondivision through Anders Berensson & Ulf Mejergren

Via Arch Daily

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