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Zero Carbon Town in Sonoma Makes YardPods

YardPod diy
In Northern California an entire town is being gradually recycled out of the most unlikely raw material.

Once, it was just another boring industrial park in the middle of nowhere – – partly visible behind this model.

At the center of that very unusual town-in-the-making is a giant industrial building,  powered by solar panels. YardPods are prefabbed inside. It is becoming Sonoma Mountain Village; the first One Planet town in America.

Town Built diy
The solar-powered factory rolling out YardPods off the assembly-line is also gradually assembling the town itself, in the same solar powered building.
sonoma diy
The town is gradually emerging from the industrial park. The YardPod industry will be one of the first businesses in it.

town diy

You can read about my tour of the zero carbon town here. It is one of the most exciting stories I’ve personally covered. It is great to see eco businesses locating there.
As with the homes being built for the zero carbon town, the material YardPods are made of is future-friendly steel. Endlessly recyclable. The most sustainable building material there is.

YardPods was founded by Malcolm Davies; the former CEO of Michelle Kaufmann Designs and Marvin Mauer; formerly CEO of  These two people are working within the extraordinarily innovative setting of Sonoma Mountain Village.

Their invention; YardPods are instant prefab sheds that you can configure to meet almost any need. This instant shed can be used for any purpose, whether you need a backyard yoga studio, workshop, cabana, office, studio or even just a garden shed to start cuttings and store your composting shovel.

They incorporate many green materials, including FSC woods and plywoods, recycled and recyclable steel framing, bamboo and cork flooring options, recycled natural cotton fiber insulation, cool roof or long-lasting standing seam metal roofing, efficient windows and doors, and HardiePanel siding.

The many versions available cost between $2,800 and $20,000, depending on finish.

Images: YardPods and Susan Kraemer
Via Jetson Green

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