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Zero Energy Design Gets Down to Earth in Massachusetts

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We have covered a more ambitious project from Zero Energy Design : their ambitious off-grid resort in a UNESCO World Heritage site in Dominica, Alwen’s Retreat, with unique open floorboard cooling. Their full suite of services includes architecture, mechanical engineering, construction administration, and financial & lifecycle cost analysis.

But most architectural work consists of more down-to-earth old building stock upgrades, like ZED’s energy efficiency upgrade of this craftsman charmer in Newton, Massachusetts.
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The entire home needed a massive energy efficiency overhaul to bring it into the 21st century in energy frugality. The drafty windows and doors all got an upgrade from single pane windows.
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Ancient tube and knob wiring was still in use throughout the house. The whole system was replaced.
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The 1960’s-era boiler was replaced with a high efficiency natural gas boiler. The old asbestos insulation was (carefully!) removed and replaced with spray foam insulation to keep the heat in, and a heat recovery ventilator was put in.
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Windows and doors all got an Energy Star upgrade.

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All of the existing bathrooms were completely renovated, including new plumbing fixtures, tile work, lighting, and accessories. Low flow fixtures and recycled glass tiles were added.
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A cheerful mud room was added.
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The work in Massachusetts was done by Sustainable Construction Services.

Five Cornell grads went into architectural partnership to form Zero Energy Design. Each brings something different to the practice. Emile Chin-Dickey and Jordan Goldman handle the engineering side.Stephanie Horowitz and Ben Uyeda lead the design team. David Wax is the CEO and sales guru.

Uueda credits CEO Wax for being able to succinctly present the real case for energy efficient building:

“The question isn’t the total sticker price, but the difference in the cost of ownership,” Uyeda recounts. “You don’t tell someone something will cost $10,000 more – you say, ‘We’ll increase your mortgage payment by $50 but lower your monthly utility bill by $100.’ ”

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  1. KC Jones Says:

    I am trying to source the bathroom lights used in a bathroom remodal of a home in Newton, Mass., featured in The Best of Fine Homebuilding, Kitchen and Bath planning guide 2012. They are tall, narrow and vertical. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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