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80 m² canvas – TLV

This is a guest post by Ron Benshoshan. If you would like to write a guest post please contact us.

apartment1 home improvement

My name is Ron Benshoshan and this is my new apartment. It’s located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. My girlfriend and I bought it a few months ago. We are in our late 20s, I’m an industrial design student and she is a production assistant. As you can see in the before-pictures, the flat was in bad bad shape. We had a limited budget so we decided that we would design the place on our own. We bought the best materials our budget could get us, and built most of what you can see in the pictures.

kitchenbefore home improvement

kitchenafter home improvement

The kitchen was closed off and stuffy. We tore down the wall and merged the kitchen, living room and dining are in to one mutual area. We like having people over and we wanted them to be able spread around comfortably but still be in that same mutual area. We wanted a white clean kitchen with a small island.

livingroom home improvement

livingroom2 home improvement

In the living room we put up a brick wall with 2 spot-lights to show all the imperfections of the bricks. Beneath the TV is a floating unit which I built. I wanted a big clock on the wall made of an item that repeats its self in cycles of 12. Eventually time was the answer! So I put up 12 classic-looking alarm clocks which I painted candy apple green. I also made the big bulb light with the red cords above.
Big windows light up the whole place and play well with the 2 shades of gray in the dining area. I fabricate a white collapsible table with bare metal legs that were grinded down so they would all shine differently from each other. The 2 chairs were found in the garbage. A bit of sanding, paint and a visit to the upholsterer and we now have two lovely 60 year old chairs with a modern touch.

bar home improvement

After we put in the niche in the wall, we had some dead space between it and the original wall, so I fabricated an enclosed bar that slides into the wall. It’s made of OSB wood, one of my new favorites.

bathroombefore home improvement

bathroomafter home improvement

bathroomafter2 home improvement

The bathroom was split up in to 2 smaller rooms. One was just the toilet and sink and the other was the bath. We joined the 2 rooms in to one long area. Where the toilet was is now a large shower. Above the bath was a permanent storage area. Not permanent anymore… I wanted a nice sleek faucet that would double up as a towel holder so I made one to that exactly. It’s connected to wall and separated from the tap.

cat home improvement
In the extra room I put up a vertical playing area for my 2 cats, now they don’t mess with my couch anymore. Painted one wall in red with a few stripes to compliment the corner and installed a wall to wall closet on the other side for lots of storage area. I fabricated a small table and made a metal pipe table lamp. Once the sun hits the red wall, the whole room lights up.

bedroom home improvement

The bedroom had an enclosed balcony at the end of it which was connected to the other room (red). We tore down that wall, closed the door and made a big bedroom. At the end of it we put in 2 closets, one for each. Covered the floor with nice wood and painted 2 walls a nice bold green that works well with the floor.

bedroom2 home improvement

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