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Bartels Sliding Modena Door

bartels sliding modena door home improvement

Need a reason to do a home improvement? Just take a look at the Sliding Modena door by Bartels. An impressive door that is quite worthy of the praise it will receive once you add into your home. The Sliding Modena is a single door set on an A-Series wall mounted sliding track system. The system is also equipped with a stunning stainless overhead valance. You have your choice of 18 different glass types, textures, and colors. Now that’s great options in a glass door Happy.

The Bartels door is a very nice choice for a closet, but will fit in perfectly with any modern clean space. It features a knob which also can be personalized. The door when closed looks like a normal door, but one slide to the left and you can easily see the uniqueness of this beautiful door. Learn more about the Sliding Modena door at Bartels.

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