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Caleido Skin

caliedo white skin home improvement

When you need to have a radiator, the need for it sometimes out weighs the beauty of it. Radiators were bulky and not very attractive and they just stuck out like a red thumb in any room they were located. We have seen them covered, painted, and hidden to make them look better or blend in. Caliedo has successfully and creatively solved the problem.

They have come out with a line of radiators that are attractive and available in many different colors. The Skin radiator is covered with partly overlapping curvilinear modules. Designed by James di Marco, the skin looks more like reptilian skin than any radiator we’ve seen. This is one radiator you will want to have in your room, not for it’s functionality, but for it’s beauty. Who would think, what seems to be art on your wall is actually a radiator, sweetWinking. A great imaginative job done by Caleido, check out all of their Design Radiators.

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