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How to Convert an Attic

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Remodeling your attic can gain you some extra living square footage you can use for a home office, guest room, children’s playroom, and even for a bathroom. What was considered only a storage space can now increase your home’s comfort and square footage.

First of all it is necessary to consult a specialist to check if your attic is suitable for remodeling. Is it structurally sound? Does my home’s electrical system, water pipes and air conditioning units allow for remodeling the attic?

The second thing you should do is set a budget. Consider a realistic sum to throw into this undertaking; the money spent should be at least equal to the benefits you’ll get from remodeling the attic.

Make a list of the supplies you’ll need, including prices; conform with the budget.

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Look at your attic’s walls. Do they need refinishing? If yes, then think about drywall or paneling. Advantages and shortcomings: drywall – cheaper but requires more work; paneling – more expensive than drywall, but easier to install.

What about the floor? Generally floor covering is determined by the room’s purpose. If you decide to make out of your old attic a brand new bedroom or children’s playroom, carpet is the best choice. For a home office or a guest room hardwood flooring is perfect. Though it’s pricier, it’s durable and will repay in time.

Furnishing: choosing furniture for your freshly remodeled attic isn’t a big deal; it’s like furnishing a room with the same purpose on the lower levels. However, there is one thing you should take into consideration – the roof. It comes in various shapes and inclinations, so keep it in mind.

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    These are nice ideas, but I wish they would have had more examples. I am trying to decorate an attic style loft, with wood ceilings and floors.

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