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Crafting up an entertainment center: How to create your own media theater

Television is most often the center of all entertainment needs in most modern homes along with other accessories that will enhance your audio and video experience. But how about having your own ‘home theater’, a room that is dedicated to giving you nothing but the very best? That is the exact idea of creating your very own and personal media theater.

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While it might sound outlandish, if you have both the space and the means to get it done, then why not just go ahead and have some fun with the big screen and the dimmed lights? Here’s our take on creating it …

Decide on equipment

The very basic requirement of creating a media center in your home is the big screen that not only makes it fun but also resembles with going to the movies. You can either choose a screen and a projector for a very authentic movie-like experience or you can pick a giant 100-inch Plasma television as a more convenient and modern alternate. Now that the screen is setup, ensure that you get the right audio equipment and the wiring done in such a way that it is well hidden, because loose hanging wires ruin the experience totally. If you need more bass in your sound system you may want to look at subwoofer deals at OneCall or go into your local electronics store.

Pick your running theme and ensure the perfect location of the room

Like in the case of decorating every other room in your house, make sure that you pick a running theme for your home. For a wonderful visual experience ensure that the room has as few natural windows as possible and make sure that it is in a place where you do not get disturbed by external noises.

Comfortable seating and soothing interiors

Creating a comfortable seating area will help you further enjoy what is on view. For your seating arrangement you can either go for comfort in a very informal style or can stick to the theater-like feel by going with those sort of seats. Our advice, go for comfort and spice it up with floor lights for example.

Lighting is ultimately the key- Get it spot on

The most important aspect of creating a great media center in your home is to ensure that the lighting conditions are perfect. To get the lighting right, you can use the same dimming lights that are used in the commercial theaters or can go a whole new way with the great array of modern lights on offer. The more important part here is the color you use to paint the walls and the ceiling. Use dark shades like black and deep purple. This accentuates the screen immensely.

Add some movie posters and throw in some memorabilia

You can always add that tad bit extra by putting all your crazy movie posters on the walls, decorating it aptly with memorabilia that you have and the vintage silver screen stuff that you collected. Make sure though that it is done in a classy way and you do not throw stuff up and clutter the place. And if you want to get fancier, then you can probably even have an old popcorn maker that you got cheaply out on a sale.

Creating your own home theater is always about finding a balance between available space, cash that you can spend and making the experience as grand as possible. Once you are done you surely won’t regret putting up this baby in your cozy nest! Keep us posted.

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