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Decor accents – the final touches for every home

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Nothing gives a home its unique look quite like home decor accents. By home decor accents I mean all those little implements such as candles, throw pillows and blankets, pictures and all types of art, vases and decorative bowls, artistic lampshades, etc. Their style vary from antique to futuristic, as well as their purpose – from complementing the overall room look to creating a focal point and making a statement. Overall, there are two ways we can use home accents to complete the home’s look or to contrast with it.

In the first case (completion) we aim to bring the room’s look together through proper finishing touches. These finishing touches are like “glue” to all the other parts – they unite and complete them. So, we need to look for home accessories united by a certain theme or that is suitable for the premises colors. In other words usually we are looking for sets.
When the rest of the interior is ready it’s not difficult to pick the perfect set of accessories. Consider your home’s style, the colors of the furniture, flooring, wall hangings and window treatments and there you go!

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In the second case (contrast) we desire to highlight the accessories we have chosen and make them stand out from the rest of the interior. This is very suitable for dull and muted rooms, where an item in bright fresh color can bring loads of character and good mood. Thus this exceptional piece becomes a focal point and draws the most attention. It is not advisable to use the contrasting fashion in rooms with other highly noticeable elements (a bold rococo-style sofa for example), as it gets overburdened.

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