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Design Dilemma: 5 Design Trends for 2012

taupe1 how to tips advice

As yet another year draws to a close, we’re already looking forward to what next year will bring in design.  Already we can pinpoint some design trends that have had their day — bird decals, antlers on walls and books organized by color are trends we’re happy to see go.

And what’s new on the horizon?

1. Taupe as the “to-die-for” color.

We’ve heard from design experts that taupe is in for 2012. Actually, we never saw this color go out. Taupe, or a sort of gray-brown, has been the standard color for pantyhose as well as stumped designers for years. Below, you can see plenty of taupe at work in a bedroom:

taupe2 how to tips advice

Taupe has a way of appearing fresh and clean, as in the bedroom above. But it can also serve as a neutral backdrop to more high energy color.  It can also serve as a great backdrop for artwork.  If you decide to embrace this trend you might try livening up either your taupe (which can tend toward the bland) by combining it with a lot of color. Consider mixing it up with bold blues, bright yellows, punchy oranges or in-your-face reds.

2. Rustic and Reclaimed.

This trend picks up on something that has been happening for a while now, but which only seems to be gaining strength — that is, the trend toward the use of recycled materials in furniture and as wall coverings. We’ve seen lots of reclaimed wood, for example, as in the kitchen cabinetry below:

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Or on this bedroom wall:

reclaimedwood how to tips advice

But recycled materials are not just limited to wood. More and more designers are getting creative with metals, plastic and textiles. Who would have thought a shopping cart could have such potential:

Furniture Made from Shopping Carts how to tips advice

The table and chair above were designed by Los-Angeles-based artist Ramon Coronado but all sorts of new and inventive furniture designs are being made in firms large and small around the world. It’s a great way of not only individualizing a space by moving beyond big box store offerings, but it’s a great way to keep more stuff out of landfills. Reclaimed materials used as reclaimed lighting fixtures will be part of this trend, according to trend prognosticators. As a side note, the fascination with reclaimed materials will continue to contribute to the popularity of the industrial chic look. Reclaimed metals and other industrial materials will make their way into all sorts of furniture pieces and accessories, from lighting fixtures to table legs.

3. Natural Eco-Fabrics

We’re talking nubby cottons, hemps,  Belgian linens and  burlaps in natural colors light colors, such as sandy beige, light gray and tan. Think breezy beach cottage and you have the idea.

Sarahs Linen Couch Erin Martin how to tips advice

4. Low Furniture

We wrote about this trend last year but it still seems to be going strong. A number of furniture manufacturers have lowered the height on their lounge chairs going for a more relaxed, low-slung look, reminiscent, perhaps, of the 1970s. The standard height of most furniture is about 20 inches, but manufacturers right now, have lowered seating heights to about 17-18 inches.

Traditional Japanese Style of Low Furniture 7 how to tips advice

5. Big artwork and especially photography.

photography how to tips advice

Photography has been big in interiors lately and it promises to be just as big next year. Large artwork of every kind is in, but especially large black and white or sepia toned photos.


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