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Design Dilemma: A Sectional or Not?

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Sectional sofas are everywhere. Their popularity, we imagine, comes from the desire to stretch out with friends and family in one big long space. However, sectionals are pretty tricky beasts. For one thing, they are big, often larger than people imagine when they first see them on the showroom floor. For another thing, they are often limited in their versatility. You buy a sectional with a right-arm or left-arm chaise, and your couch is pretty much stuck in the one spot you have chosen for it forever. So if you decide to opt for a sectional, how can you be sure that you’re not making a mistake?

1) Consider how long you intend to stay put. If you move often, a sectional is a poor choice, unless you plan on buying a new couch every two or three years. Yes, they are comfortable and roomy, but rarely will they gracefully fit multiple situations.

2) Use painter’s tape to sketch out the dimensions of the sofa on the floor. Place the tape in exactly the location where you expect the sectional to go so you can have a sense of exactly how much space it will take. Consider how the sectional relates to fixtures such as doors, windows, fireplaces,  and how it will relate to other furniture you may hope to place in the room.

3) Consider a sectional that separates into many small pieces. True, they are not always comfortable or pretty (sometimes the pieces wiggle out of position encouraging you to fall into the crack) but they will allow for more versatility should you move to a smaller space or a home with a different room configuration. Sectionals that are divided in this way will also allow you to move a sectional or its pieces from one room to another.

4) Unless you have a loft, never buy impulsively. Sectionals are unforgiving, and have a tendency to take over a space, especially in an urban apartment or typical suburban home. This is a purchase that must be planned and plotted carefully, unless you’re lucky enough to have a mammoth space.

5) Consider other options. What about a couch with an ottoman, that can be moved around as necessary? What about a separate chaise that allows for lounging but that also can be moved about a room? A sectional sofa isn’t your only option. Or finally, check out French designer Stephanie Marin’s pebble floor cushions that function almost the way a sectional would, but with increased versatility and a lot more fun.

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Images:, Stephanie Marin.

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