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Design Dilemma: Cool Pools

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Wanna take a dip? In the dog days of summer, we’ve been checking out cool pools from around the web.

Above, check out the pool at the Kanazawa Art Museum in Japan. It’s a permanent installation created by Studio Sanaa. You can read more about them on Design Boom.  Check out another view below:

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How is it done? Well, we hate to give away secrets, but it involves a sheet of glass placed over a pool opening. When water is poured over the glass,  you get the cool underwater effect!

Below, this rooftop pool has both the feeling of a pool and a fish tank.

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Here’s what it looks like from below. Not only can you see passersby on the street, but they can see you while you swim your laps.

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Also on the roof — another cool pool by Rem Koolhaas on the outskirts of Paris:

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The client wanted a glass house with a swimming pool on the roof and two separate “apartments” – one for the parents, the other for the daughter. They also wanted a panoramic view – from their swimming pool.. The pool joins the house which is conceived as a glass pavilion with two hovering, perpendicular apartments.

For those who like a fish-tank feel, here’s a pool from La Purificadora hotel in Puebla, Mexico:

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The hotel was built in a former 19th-century water purifying center. So purity is the guiding principle of the hotel’s design as executed by renowned architects Ricardo Legorreta and his son Victor.

Finally, this long L-shaped pool caught our eye for its promise of long, uninterrupted laps. The lighting, the microtiles and the red wall behind the brilliant blue pool provide delicious eye candy.

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