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Design Dilemma: Cool Table Lamps

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One of the most critical elements in any home is light. Good natural light is critical during the daylight hours if you want a space that feels good to be in. And in the dark of the night, it’s also important to have good artificial light. Any good lighting scheme is going to include table lamps, which can be incredibly versatile, functioning as general light in a room, task lighting for reading or mood lighting. A simple table lamp can be a wonderful opportunity to not only light your home but to bring a little “art” in as well. And if you don’t believe us on what a difference a lamp can make, check out the room below:

midcentury dining room how to tips advice


See how the lime green table lamp provides a pop of color that balances and plays off the pendant lamp as well? And although we don’t endorse lamps obscuring paintings, in this instance, the lime green also works as a wonderful contrast against the black and white painting.

And here’s another example of what a good table lamp can do:

beach style family room how to tips advice

These vintage buckets and burlap lampshades pick up on the homespun, rustic, somewhat folkloric look of the room. Even when the lamps aren’t in use, they’re fun and fitting.

And here’s a third example:

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The fisherman table lamp is the perfect finishing touch in a nautical-themed baby’s room. It makes a statement without getting overly dramatic.

So if you’re looking to add a little drama in the table lamp department, we recently ran across these ideas:

The Kate Spade Saturday Table Lamp from West Elm caught our fancy. A little mid-century, a little mod, it somehow reminds us of a Miro painting. It costs about $200.
WestElmKatespade how to tips advice


Here’s another view:

img4b how to tips advice

Also at West Elm, is the Lens Table Lamp. Inspired by factory lighting, it gives a nod to the industrial look. But even after that trend has become passe, we think we still wouldn’t mind keeping this lamp around. It’s $139.

img23c how to tips advice

Are you looking for something really different? If you’re into black humor, you might appreciate The Titanic Lamp by Charles Trevelyan.

7 pi989 how to tips advice

Or, another gallows humor candidate would be The Colgao by Enpieza:

1 bal8e1 how to tips advice

And this one’s by Patrick Jouin. The Bloom Table Lamp by MGX is made with polyamide that can expand and collapse so you can transform the shade from a bud to a blossom, thereby regulating lighting.
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So by now, you’re getting the picture. A table lamp shouldn’t just be any old table lamp. A lamp is an opportunity to do something fun, inspirational, sculptural and interesting.Why not eschew the traditional lamp with lampshade and do something like this:
unique creative table lamp designs 9 how to tips advice


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