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Design Dilemma: Cozy New Designs for Winter Nights

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Deep in the cold and darkness of winter, we start thinking of places and ways to snuggle up.

Above, the cushioned sofa by German project designer Christiane Hogner was originally made from sandbags, but is now built entirely of pillows. We can’t think of a more luscious place to spend a cold winter afternoon. And below, also from Hogner, are pillows that Hogner designed out of her father’s old shirts. It gives a whole new meaning to the expression “a stuffed shirt.”

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Looking for a cozy modern bed? Check out the Orson Bed from Varaschin. It manages to feel modern and sleek while also feeling wonderfully sensuous and warm (thanks to it’s leather headboard). A great place to spend the night!

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One of the nicest things to do on a cold winter evening is to curl up in a rocking chair and read a good book… or curl up in a bed and read a good book. So why not combine the two ideas for the best place on earth to read a good book:

cozy4Manual kloker Design 300x202 how to tips advice

The design above, by Manual Kloker, is called the Private Cloud Rocking Bed, and combines the notion of a rocker and bed into a rocking bed. When you don’t want to rock, a special plate can keep the bed in one place. Like this:

cozyrocking bed 01 how to tips advice

In the depths of winter, it’s easy to reminisce about long summer days on the hammock. But we’ve found a way to bring the hammock inside for the winter. Check this out:

cozymesh hammock how to tips advice

Finally, we offer this couch design, which is cool but maybe not so cozy. It comes to us from German designer Hannes Grebin who has created a range of living room furniture based on 1970s German domestic decor. The funny thing is that this couch, with its floral pattern and lace doilies, evokes memories of comfort, without necessarily providing the actuality of comfort. A fun, but slightly jarring concept!

cozy furniture by hannes grebin couch 02 how to tips advice


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