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Design Dilemma: Five Easy Ways to Add Drama

Ho-hum. That, in short, describes boring old rooms that look like everyone else’s boring old rooms. Are you looking for an antidote? Here are five quick ways to add a little dramatic flare to your space:

1) Add a pendant lamp in an interesting shape in an interesting place. Pendants don’t have to just hang over the dining table anymore. You can hang them over coffee tables, beds, in hallways and foyers, and as general overhead light in just about any room. The trick is to choose lamps that function as sculpture when the lamp is not in use, and not just a light source. Below, the wire pendant is an intriguing sculpture that brings texture and interest to an otherwise muted space.

drama1 how to tips advice
2) Add one pop of bright color in an otherwise neutral room. Below, the red stool in the neutral bathroom adds a blast of color that is stylish and surprising.

drama2jpg how to tips advice

3) Add bold sculpture and art. An average space can become a stand out by adding dramatic sculpture and large-scale art. Below, the wooden wall sculpture becomes the focal point of the room.

4) Vary textures, especially in monochromatic rooms. Beige can be blah, but beige can also be dramatic when a mix of textures are used in a room.  Below, sisal, sheepskin, rope, wood and sueded microfiber keep a beige room looking interesting.

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5) Add color. Paint is the fastest and easiest way to add a little drama to your home. You can paint one wall a bold color, or even a whole room. Or you might go the other route by painting walls gray, or even black.

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Images: Phillippe Harden, Stephania Serena for John Maniscalco, Tom Deighton via  Desire to Inspire, Made LLC

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