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Design Dilemma: Help for Hallways

We lavish lots of attention on perfecting our kitchens, living rooms, and even our bedrooms. But there’s one space that ironically is the most used AND the most neglected: the hallway. Many of us simply forget to spend any time at all making it a more pleasant passage.  Just a few touches, however, can make a dramatic difference that will have even more impact if a hallway begins at your front door.

1) Hallway as gallery. What about transforming your hallway into a home gallery of photos or paintings? Because many hallways are narrow, it usually works better to hang smaller works that require close-up viewing rather than huge dramatic paintings.  However if the hallway is large enough (four or five feet wide) a colorful painting that reaches from floor to ceiling can have A LOT of impact, especially if the painting is situated at the end of a hallway.

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2) Hallway as library. Books are so cozy, and a hallway filled with them automatically feels warm and inviting. If you go this route, opt for built-in shelves that naturally flow with the space. Consider bookshelves that run from floor to ceiling and include doors to help keep the hallway feeling clean and uncluttered.

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3) Hallway as lounge. Hey, if you’ve got the space, why not lounge around in it? A hallway, especially a hallway with a window or good light, can be the perfect place to set up a narrow bench, a few chairs or cushions which can serve as a place to sit while you’re putting on shoes, reading a good book, or sipping tea.

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4) Hallway as storage room. Don’t have enough closets in your house? Use your hallway as extra storage space. You’ll want to provide closed storage in most instances to keep the hallway from feeling cluttered. If you have open shelves, remember to keep them well-organized and not too packed with knick-knacks and tchotchkes.  The hallway below incorporates closed storage bins that can also function as seating, as well as open shelves for displaying artwork and books.

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5) Hallway as elegant transitional space. Two or three simple steps can make a hallway stand out in elegance. These include pendant lamps, which can serve as a simple but dramatic focal point, as well as bold paint colors and wallpaper. Paint the moldings the same color as the walls and ceilings if you want the hallway to seem larger. Paint the ends of the hallways a darker color if you want the hallway to appear wider. Go for dark colors if you want the hallway to seem cozy. As these photos prove, there’s no reason why a hallway has to be simply a bland, boring way to get from one room to another!

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Images: via, Notebook, LivingEtc

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  1. Kari Lønning Says:

    What good spacial reminders, and strong examples. If one of my halls were just a bit wider, I would love to line it with book shelves. I'd be able to glance over and see favorite titles as a walked by …….

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