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Design Dilemma: Holiday Decorating Without the Kitsch

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Holiday decorations can be a whole lot of fun, but sometimes things can get a little…uhh kitschy. The formal dictionary definition of “kitsch” is something “of tawdry design, appearance, or content created to appeal to popular or undiscriminating taste. ” For us, that means tinsel and day-glo Santa figurines. The question is, can you decorate your home for the holidays without falling into the “tawdry” trap? Sure bet.

1) Pare it down. Not every available surface has to be cluttered with Christmas cards, tinsel and pine branches. Choose one point of focus for a cleaner look. Keep in mind that ornaments don’t have to be complicated either. Simple red ribbons draped from a chandelier can look festive, yet elegant.
2) Find alternatives to a tree. You don’t always have to drag a 7-foot pine into your livingroom. How about adorning a few tree branches, as in the photo above, for a classic, minimalist look? Add a few well-considered ornaments in one color for a cohesive nod to modernism. Another option: a two-dimensional tree of lights, or maybe an installation of treasured objects attached to the wall, as seen below.

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3) Create a holiday “sculpture.” A modern sculpture can be unexpected, unusual, and even function as home decor when the holiday season is over. Check out the wooden tree by Wood and Wool Stool, below or the Estilio Tea Tree light from Blomus.

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4) Use just a few lights. No need to put multi-color lights everywhere — windows, doorways, trees. Just pick one or two spots and add white lights for a chic, modern and more subtle look.
5) Go monochromatic. An elegant approach to holiday decorating is hanging lights in all one color, or doing a tree in all one color. Changing out room decor for all-white can also be a fresh approach to holiday decorating.
6) Choose one oversize holiday decoration. Focusing on one large holiday decoration, like the wreath below, looks classic and dramatic without the clutter or kitsch.
7) Make good use of wreaths. Simple wreaths are always classy and bring a festive holiday feel to any room without going over the top.
8.) Re-think red and green. While those two colors are traditional, lime green and orange, or any other colors you choose can provide a fresh spin and a whole new look.

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Images: Ted Yarwood, Canadian House & Home, Domino Magazine, All the Luck In the World, Wood and Wool Stool, Blomus, via DigsDigs.

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