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Design Dilemma: An Idea for Covering Windows

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Don’t like curtains? A lot of people don’t. They can often seem fussy. They call too much attention to themselves while covering up cool architectural details.  In an age of clean lines and not much clutter, there’s something about curtains that feels excessive. But we’ve run across an intriguing option for those who don’t want curtains but still need to cover windows for privacy’s sake. Delia Shades offers a myriad of beautifully patterned shades that can add an edge to a room without intruding too much.

Just take a look:

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The firm offers shades with arabesque designs, latticework, circle and squares, African patterns, Moorish patterns, Indian patterns and more. Above, shades feature an “Indian jali” pattern called “Star Jali.” Below, is an example of one of their African patterns, “Kinsha Diamonds”.

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Here’s an example from their Moorish collection:

shadesquaresb how to tips advice

And here’s another example from their “Borders” collection:

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Geometric designs that can be bold or quiet add whimsy and pattern to any environment.

Want the look for less? Check out places like IKEA or West Elm for fabrics that can be converted into shades. If you’re artistic, you might also try using fabric paint on plain fabric shades that you can pick up at your local hardware store. Options abound for those who prefer shades to curtains.

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