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Design Dilemma: In Search of Architectural Detail

contemporary dining room how to tips advice

Do you live in a cookie cutter “builder’s special” — an anonymous white box, often from the 60’s or 70’s, with low ceilings, white walls and zero personality? If so, don’t despair. Just because you happen to live in an uninspiring space doesn’t mean you can’t construct a bit of your own inspiration.

If you crave detail — little touches that help to make your home feel special, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Consider the period and style of your home, give a little thought to what fits and seems natural, and choose the details that speak most to you.

1). Add a reclaimed wood feature wall. 

Are you hankering for something to lift your home out of its beige blandness? An accent wall of reclaimed wood could be just the thing. The great thing about this option is that it feels a bit more substantial than creating an accent wall with just paint or wallpaper. It will feel more like an intended part of your home which can either give your space a more earthy, rustic feel that will contrast beautifully if the rest of your space is bereft of detail and stark white, as you see above.

Below, two more examples of how wood can provide a rich, textured patina to an otherwise flat space:

modern living room how to tips advice
contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

2. Build in bookshelves.

With the advent of the Kindle and ereaders, it may be that bookshelves have gone the way of the typewriter. However, there’s nothing like bookshelves to instantly add depth and soul to a lifeless, hollow home. For example, the home below is a pretty blank canvas. Adding the bookshelf at the ceiling and the built-in bookcase adds a lot to what would otherwise be a small, boring space.

scandinavian living room how to tips advice

And here’s another example:

contemporary living room how to tips advice

And below, a built-in desk and bookcase become a main feature of this children’s bedroom:

contemporary kids how to tips advice

3. Add your own molding.

Rare is a new home with the crown and wall moldings that so many of us crave. But if you don’t have it, create it! There are a myriad of ways to do it, spanning from just creating the illusion of molding using paint, to actually installing moldings. Below, a decorator opted to install actual moldings to give a flat room more depth.

contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

Below, a simple crown molding in a bedroom manages to add character without conflicting with a home’s modern style.

beach style bedroom how to tips advice

4. Use glass to create definition.

Sometimes, molding can seem too out of character with a very modern 60’s style home. And yet, you want to add something different to set your home apart. Consider creating glass walls, sliders and other glass features. For instance:

modern staircase how to tips advice
contemporary bedroom how to tips advice
contemporary bathroom how to tips advice
contemporary hall how to tips advice

5. Consider a pony wall.

Pony walls are a perfect opportunity to define and separate spaces while adding missing details such as shelving and molding. It’s also an opportunity to add texture and pattern if you opt for a wall of wood paneling, tile, brick or stone. Add one, and suddenly a boring space can come to life and gain some utility.  For example:

traditional family room how to tips advice
modern living room how to tips advice
transitional kitchen how to tips advice

So you see, there are a myriad of opportunities to add in a few details to your modern home. Don’t feel stuck if you live in a boring box, and don’t feel that you will betray the period of your home if you add detail. If you give it some careful consideration you will find creative solutions that can remain in keeping with the style and period of your home while lifting it above the usual.

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