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Design Dilemma: Making Black Rooms Work

Can black rooms ever work? We’ve grappled with this question, and while we think they’re pretty darned hard to pull off, black or dark gray walls can sometimes provide a drama and allure that bright white walls just can’t match. What’s the key to pulling this look off?

1) Seek balance, either with light or colored furnishings or light floors. Use black or gray as an accent wall so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Black is classic with white or cream walls and furnishings. Keeping trim, moldings, baseboards, chair rails and picture rails white will make black walls seem even snazzier. Black paired with orange, red and coral is also a winner.

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2) Use black in small, cozy rooms rather than expansive spaces. In a small bedroom or study, dark walls can enhance the coziness of the space, and even provide a feeling of expansiveness. Black can work particularly well in a TV room where the focus is on the screen and spaces are relatively tight.

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3). Pair black walls with lots of artwork. Black has a way of making colorful artwork pop. The effect of dark walls paired with art work puts the focus squarely on the art. If you don’t have a lot of art, try pairing your black walls with mirrors in funky metallic frames.

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4) Okay we admit it. It takes courage to paint walls pitch black. So if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge  but you’re still looking for the drama, consider painting trim, railings and moldings black or just a portion of a wall. And don’t forget, all blacks are not made equal. If you do decide to go black, try out swatches of the many varieties of black on your wall to get a feel for how the color (or non-color) will work in your space.

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Images: Anthony Leenda,  Colorama via Hoom sthlm, studioilse, via, the city sage, doorsixteen.

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