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Design Dilemma: Making the Most of Wood

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Wood is beautiful. It’s natural. Earthy. Connected. With time, it develops a patina, and there is always a sense of something that was alive. And yet, too much wood can quickly get overwhelming. For instance, wood paneling can make rooms look dark and depressing. Unrelieved wood furniture  can seem oppressive and heavy. Indeed, the best way to appreciate the beauty of wood seems to be to liberally mix it with other materials, including chrome, glass, steel and fiber.

Lately, we’ve run across some inventive ways to bring a little wood in small doses into your own home.

1) Above, Michael Arras, sells his “circles” coffee tables on They sell from about $400 to $2,000, depending on size.

2) Below, O’Thentique Negro Ragno Chandelier manages to be rustic and modern at one and the same time.

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3) Below, reclaimed wood can be a fantastic way to add an earthy rustic look to your home, without overwhelming. A  distressed dining table repeats the look of the rough-hewn wooden ceiling beam, but all the wood is broken up by the inclusion of metal chairs and stark naked light bulbs.

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4) Again, reclaimed wood adds texture and a bit of history to a kitchen. The kitchen comes off as modern rather than rustic in part, because of the stainless steel stove. The wood never feels heavy since the owners have elected to eliminate the traditional upper cabinetry in favor of a bare white wall.

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5) Mix woods. The days of carefully matching wood finishes are over. In fact, nothing can make a space seem heavier than a collection of all pine, oak, or mahogany furniture. Lighten up a bit by daring to mix woods. Below, tables made by Miles & May explore the full range of possibilities in mixing woods.

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Images:;; style; Miles & May.

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