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Design Dilemma: Shedding Light on Bedside Illumination

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One of the best ways to eliminate bedside clutter is to eliminate what may seem indispensable to most of us — a bedside table lamp. Of course, some kind of bedside light is necessary, but who says it has to be a space-hogging table lamp that routinely gets knocked aside each morning as you grope to shut off the alarm clock? Instead, we’re thinking of something essential, agile and minimalist — a bedside wall lamp.

Luckily, bedside wall lamps and sconces have come back into vogue in a big way and there are lots of styles to choose from, ranging to sleek and modern to transitional to rustic and vintage. Check out a few here:

Below check out  a Vintage Danish Teak Wall Lamp; $395 from A La Mod in Palm Springs. It’s perfect for anyone looking to bring a little warmth and history into their bedroom.

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In fact, scissor lamps, although vintage in style, have become very trendy recently. Two other similar options:

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Above is the Dutch Expandable wall sconce for $425, available at Nickey Kehoe. Below, check out the Scissor Lamp Light available from Vintage and Modern for $1,600.

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Or maybe you’re looking to go in the opposite direction? Something modern, sleek, unassuming. How about the Zac Wall lamp by Frank Oehring? The lamp has been designed to fold flat against the wall when not in use. When it’s time to read you can fold out the lamp and angle it as needed. The lamp is available from San Francisco’s House of European Design for $855.

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Again, for a modern look, check out the Berenice wall lamps below. They sell for about $373.50 and are available from All Modern. It is available in a white, blue or green finish.

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When considering which bedside lamp will work best for you:

  • Consider the height of your bed frame and mattress, as well as the general styling of your room. Low-slung modern beds will require wall lamps that are placed lower. On the other hand, traditional and rustic bedroom furniture may require sconces that are placed higher on the wall.
  • Position the sconce or wall lamp so that you may easily turn it off and on from a position in bed. The sconce should hang just above shoulder height.
  • Select a lamp style that works well for reading. While many wall sconces can provide atmospheric general lighting, some are not really sufficient to provide the kind of lighting needed for reading or tasks. Look for lamps that allow for directed lighting.

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