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Design Dilemma: The Joys of a Small Bedroom

Notting Hill

Who says that bedrooms need to be large? On the contrary, we think that small bedrooms can actually be more practical, cozy and efficient than large ones, which tend to invite clutter. A pared down, modestly-sized bedroom is in many ways much more restful than one that is very large. Think of an animal’s den which represents safety and repose. Do you have a small bedroom and you’re having trouble figuring out how to furnish it? Here are a few tips:

1) Furnish minimally, but purposefully.

In the photo above, the architect chose to furnish a small bedroom with a multifunctional concept wall. The wall acts as a headboard, a bookshelf and storage space and room divider. It also conceals a small changing area.

Below, the owners made use of a bit of room at the foot of the bed for a storage locker which can house shoes or clothing, as well as act as a space to stack books.

Apartment, Primrose Hill, North London

2) Make use of built-ins.

Built-ins can save the day in tight spaces. Below, a built-in acts as a headboard, storage space, and even a desk when necessary.


And below, a long, low, built-in console acts as a place to store clothes, without using up much floor space.

Seattle Houseboat

3) Go streamlined on closets.

If your small bedroom doesn’t have a built-in closet, go very simple on any freestanding armoire or closet system you add. The simple, white, enameled closet below is unfussy and actually lends the room a feeling of spaciousness. The fact that the doors have no hardware also helps.

Master bedroom

5. Avoid mirrors unless you’re extremely tidy.

Traditional Bedroom

Most designers will tell you that adding mirrors can make any room appear larger. But adding mirrors to a room can cut both ways. If the room is extremely tight, or busy in color, pattern or clutter, mirrors can also make it feel even busier and not very relaxing. We think the better bet is to keep the room light, bright, white and simply furnished. You can never go wrong, and you’ll find you get a really good night’s sleep!

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