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Design Dilemma: The Modern Farmhouse Sink

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Have you always admired the look of farmhouse sinks but wondered if they would fit into a modern setting? Certainly there is an allure to the oversized sinks of yesteryear. The sinks are well beyond the size of most modern sinks today. They were built in a time before running water, when it was necessary to bring in well water from outside. The sinks were made extra large, to reduce the amount of running back and forth between sink and well. Not only that, but these large sized sinks are extra deep, and worked perfectly on a farm, where they could also be employed to wash clothes or prepare large quantities of freshly harvested vegetables, or even a plucked chicken or two, for cooking. Unlike undermounted sinks with cabinetry, you stand right up close to the sink, making it easier to accomplish your task.

Today, most of us go for farmhouse sinks not for the practical aspect, but because they look really cool. They hint at tradition and hearth and home. Plus, if you love to cook, they’re great for washing really large pots, baking sheets and other oversized cooking implements. Can these old-fashioned sinks work in a more modern context? We think so! Take a look:

Stainless Steel

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Who says farmhouse sinks can only come in porcelain? Above, a double farmhouse sink in stainless steel picks up on the industrial vibe which has been so trendy in the last few years. It would fit well into a modern minimal loft. This one’s by Kraus.

Below, another example, with squared off edges:

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And another example here, this time with a rounded edge:

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

And here, a Kohler:

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Just because a kitchen is modern in style doesn’t mean a porcelain farmhouse sink can’t be used to mix things up. Below is one great example:

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Here’s another Kohler porcelain sink called the Whitehaven Hayridge featuring a gentle pattern of horizontal ridges on the apron-front. A large single basin accommodates large pots and pans, while the sloped bottom helps with draining and cleanup.

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And here:

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Below, this Hawaii bathroom uses onyx for a modern, distinctive feel.

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And here’s a sink of soapstone,

farmhouse kitchen how to tips advice

So if you’re a lover of farmhouse sinks and you’re wondering if you can make it work in your modern kitchen, the answer is yes!

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