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Design Dilemma: Touches of Pink

scandinavian dining room how to tips advice

We’ve been noticing more and more interiors adding an offbeat color to their palette: pale, pale pink. The color, usually relegated to babies’ knit booties or cuddly blankets, comes off as unusual, risky, and because of this, also extremely sophisticated. We thought we’d take a look at a few interiors that use the barest blush of pink to make an urbane, unexpected statement.


One of the coolest, most polished looks is to pair pale, pale pink with black or deep chocolate walls with a touch of gray as an accent. The intense dark color helps keep the pink from seeming too girlish and sweet, while the pink helps take the edge and darkness off black. A touch of gray, here and there seems to bridge the two worlds. It’s a combination that really works.

scandinavian dining room how to tips advice

But pale pink need not be relegated to walls alone. Below, in the same Danish home as the pink used above, a pale pink chaise lounge seems oh-so-urbane, especially as it is set off by a black fireplace just behind.

scandinavian living room how to tips advice

In a different tiny studio, a pink couch manages to make a bold statement without overwhelming the space the way a brighter color might…

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Below, a townhouse uses a pale pink as a backdrop to a gallery wall of art, all using black frames. The emerald green couch and mint green doors are a natural color combination.

transitional living room how to tips advice

We’ve seen pink in plenty of 1950’s era bathrooms, but few of us have seen a pink clawfoot tub. The effect here is quirky and feminine.

home design how to tips advice

In the Scandinavian living room below, pink looks spectacular with soft gray and black accents.

scandinavian living room how to tips advice

And here, fabulously comfy pink walls that provide a soft glow…

traditional living room how to tips advice

Sometimes all you need is a pillow…

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

Or a towel…

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

What’s the secret to working with pink?

  • Pale pink is a strange hybrid of a color. It can act as a neutral, but it makes a powerful statement in and of its own. Because of that, you have to decide which it’s going to be in your own interior. Do you want it to be a neutral, or a standout color?
  • If you’re opting to treat it as a statement color, let pink standout against black and gray for a sophisticated urbane look that will not feel too feminine.
  • If you’d like to treat pink as more of a neutral, pair it with bright or bold colors, like hot pink or red, or emerald green.
  • If you want to keep your space feeling contemporary and polished, opt for paler pink over deeper pinks.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of pink. As you can see from the simple pink pillow and pink towels, it does not necessarily take a lot to stand out!

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