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Design Dilemma: Waking Up to Style

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Does anyone use alarm clocks anymore? Or has the whole world turned to using the cellphone as an alarm clock?

We don’t know the answer to that one, but we still have an appreciation for the old-fashioned alarm clock. So lately, we’ve been checking out the most stylish options for a basic technology that still has its place in the world.

Check out the dual digital analog alarm clock below. Designed by 26- year-old German designer Daniel Jarr it fuses  traditional analog time telling with modern digital time display. It’s both minimalist and decidedly modern.

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And what about a dirt-powered alarm clock?  This clock, called “The Timeless Garden”,  runs by the chemical reaction between the mud and metal casing inside the clock.  The actual body is made from two recycled plastic bottles.alarmclock2 how to tips advice

How about an alarm clock that vibrates you out of bed?  Designed by Johan Brengesjo, the clock incorporates a rubber ring worn on a finger that vibrates to arouse you from sleep.

alarmclock3 how to tips advice

Below, the Bomba alarm clock by Dutch designer Will Vanden Vos, displays all the gears and inner workings of a clock. The design feature retro-style flip cards. A blue LED light on each side makes the numbers readable at night and a simple dial on the side lets you set the approximate time you would like the alarm to sound.

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Life can be pretty puzzling sometimes, so why not wake up to a puzzle?  The only way to turn off the alarm is to put the pieces back into the correct spot on the clock.

alarmclock51 how to tips advice

Also in the puzzle mode, check out the Rubik’s Cube alarm clock at the beginning of the post. This clock also incorporates a thermometer.  Twist the top row, and the display changes between time, temperature, alarm or date.

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  1. Kari Lønning Says:

    It's funny that the dual digital analog alarm clock says two different times …

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