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Design Dilemma: What to do with a Gigantic Master Bedroom

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In the era of McMansions, it’s been the norm that master bedroom suites have taken on the rambling proportions of a one bedroom apartment. Not only are these cavernous bedrooms big enough to accommodate a bed, but they’re also large enough for a gym, home office, small kitchenette, sitting area, and, of course, a luxurious dressing room.

But can lots of space ever be too much? Only if you’re not inventive enough to find a way to put it all to go good use! So here are a few ideas:

The Classic Sitting Area

In large old homes with huge master suites, the most typical use for the extra space is as a sitting area:

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When a master bedroom is lucky enough to include a fireplace, it’s obvious where arm chairs, or even a couch and coffee table might go. Creating a sitting area allows the master bedroom to take on a retreat-like feel that can be especially welcome in households with young children. When adults want privacy, they need only close the door to the bedroom!

Here’s another example in a slightly more contemporary setting. A couch provides a cozy corner to curl up with a good book:

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And here’s another with a colonial/tropical feel. A love seat and armchair provide this bedroom with a vacation retreat feel:

traditional bedroom how to tips advice

If you’re going the sitting area route, be sure to choose armchairs and couches that are “apartment” size, or you will risk overwhelming your bedroom. And unless your bedroom is truly enormous, keep it simple — just a couple of armchairs is usually enough.

A Home Gym

Some people with extra space opt to put that space to work in the form of a home gym. There are many advantages to going this route. For one, gym equipment sitting in the bedroom is a daily reminder of an exercise routine. But there are other benefits of well. Gym equipment is usually pretty ugly to look at. Tucking it all away in a private area of the home is a much better option, aesthetically speaking, then sticking it in the corner of a living room. See how elegantly the home gym below manages to carve out an exercise space:

contemporary home gym how to tips advice

Here’s another example in which a smaller room right off a master bedroom serves as a gym:

traditional home gym how to tips advice

Master bedroom as home spa

Want your bedroom to feel just like a fancy spa? Why not allow all the elements of a spa — fancy tub or jacuzzi, double sinks — take over the actual sleeping space? Check out one example below:

contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

Here’s another:

modern bedroom how to tips advice

And another:

modern bedroom how to tips advice

And one more separated only by a panel of glass:

contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

And finally, a bedroom spa with quirky Old World charm:

mediterranean bedroom how to tips advice

There are plusses and minuses if you opt to use your space this way. On one hand, it can be wonderful if you love to linger in the tub, and you want beautiful views and a feeling of luxury surrounding you as you soak. On the other hand, it doesn’t allow for much privacy if modesty is a concern. It works best in bedrooms that are not carpeted, since there is always a risk of tub overflow and steam filtering through the bedroom.

Master bedroom as home library

Let’s face it, books and bedrooms go wonderfully together. Many of us choose to end our days with a good book in bed, so it makes sense to have the books right there at bedtime.

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Here’s another example:

traditional bedroom how to tips advice

And another:

traditional bedroom how to tips advice

If you opt for a home library, be cognizant of the fact that it’s probably better not to have bookshelves hanging directly over your bed.

If none of these ideas inspire you, consider a few others:

  • Create a home office by adding a desk to your bedroom, as seen above.
  • Add a yoga studio — all you need is space for a yoga mat.
  • Enlarge your closet by creating a dressing area, complete with built-in drawers, mirrors, and a dressing table.
  • Add a room divider to create a more intimate bedroom area and an actual separate room. A simple partial wall can be an excellent way to create a separate gym area or office area thus preserving the relaxed feeling of the bedroom area.

Large master bedroom suites can feel quite luxurious, but they can also feel like a lot of wasted space. With a little effort, you can put yours to work!

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