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Design Dilemma: Five Home Design Trends for 2015

modern dining room how to tips advice

The clock has not yet struck midnight and there are a few more hours left to go in 2014, but we’re already looking ahead to design trends for the new year. As interior design trends don’t move as fast as fashion trends (thank goodness) some of the trends we’re mentioning this year we also mentioned last year. But there are a few new wrinkles in the mix which promise to make 2015 an interesting one in home design.


1) A fusion feel. While Japanese Fusion may be all the rage in cuisines, similarly, ethnic fusion is all the rage in home design. What’s hot this year is new interpretations of traditional ethnic designs in color, texture,  pattern and style. Eclecticism and mixing it up are the order of the day. Major influences will come from Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe. The look might be very subtle, as in the New York modern kitchen above and below…

modern dining room how to tips advice

…Or it might be more “in your face” muscular as in the living room below:

eclectic living room how to tips advice

Here’s another living room boasting a melange of ethnic accessories. The all white backdrop helps to hold everything together.

contemporary living room how to tips advice

2.) Soaking tubs instead of rain showers. Rain showers came into vogue several years ago. They looked stylish and different, but let’s face it, they were never comfortable to use unless you always like to get your head wet with every shower.  The trend now is to soaking tubs that are also a little more comfortable to use.  The Japanese soaking tub below is extra deep and narrow in length. You can get your whole body in, without taking up so much floor space.

modern bathroom how to tips advice

Here’s another deep soaking tub below:

modern bathroom how to tips advice

And here’s another version below:

asian bathroom how to tips advice

3) Undermounted leggy sinks in bathrooms. For a while, overmounted vessel sinks mounted on cabinet-style vanities were in. Now styles have shifted back to undermounted sinks with all the plumbing hardware exposed below. Sometimes these are outfitted with shelves, that allow for a storage area while retaining the feeling of openness.

industrial bathroom how to tips advice

4. Digital Art. Digital art is an artistic work that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process including computer art and multimedia art, and digital art. While painting and traditional photography are still going strong, nothing is more “of the moment” than computer art.

modern how to tips advice

Below, a kitchen backsplash incorporates digital art.

kitchen how to tips advice

5. Natural Elements. The use of natural materials in home decor never really goes out of style. Still, with more interest in environmentally sustainable materials and practices it seems more of us are also interested in bringing a little bit of nature to our homes. The most common way of doing this will be to incorporate the use of more wood into our homes.

contemporary dining room how to tips advice


Look out for these other trends in the new year:

  • Blue as the new black. We’re talking a blue that is so deep it is almost black. And it will be used in the same way that black is, to create a sensual intimate vibe.
  • The use of shiny metals contrasted against natural woods.
  • Organic shapes. We’re talking bioforms in furniture shapes, from rounded, cellular lamp bases to rounded table bases and ovoid couches and chairs.

What trends have you seen pop up in recent months? What do  you think is going out of style? Share your thoughts!

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