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Dwelling on Work: How to Decorate Your Home Office Space

It is the age of the Internet and with the world becoming a mini space in itself, many people are finding out fast that there are many comforts in working from a cubical that resides in your own home. For starters, you have the freedom of stretching out and making a snack for yourself at any moment you want and then there is the added comfort of not having to deal with the office hour rush on the streets and the subway.

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In short, you are always a few paces away from work and in this time and age it’s surely a bonus. Here are a few ways to mark out and make the most of your home office…

Mark out a well-defined work space and keep it that way

Even if it’s just a corner with the system and a desk, make sure that you demarcate and clearly define your work space. Do not mix your office space with the rest of your home as not only will it make work harder for you, but will put your mood off as you start working with plenty of distractions.

Keep your space neat, organized and tidy

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By maintaining your marked out and well-defined office space in a clean, clutter-free and organized fashion, you can save plenty of time and can make your work a lot more pleasant. Remember that mess hanging around not only pulls you down but makes it difficult for you to find stuff when in a hurry.

Pick a color scheme for your office space

Having a color scheme for your office space is both simple and gives a very stylish look to the entire area. The general preferred trend is to select two dominant colors and one minor color. While stuff like coffee mugs, pens and other office accessories on table can be shaded in the two dominant shades, the one minor shade can be used for stuff such as paper clips and less significant (tiny) objects to create an ambient feel.

Add storage spaces in accordance to your requirements

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Any office space will obviously need storage spaces. Whether it is old fashioned files, cabinets and folders or cool CD racks for a trendier style, you will need something to hold all the mess. Get innovative and pick smart and durable furniture because they save you cash, space and add with their contemporary charm.

Prefer natural lighting

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Arrange the lighting needs as per the nature of your work and timings. And in case you largely work during the day, ensure to maximize the usage of natural lighting. The theme of your office space can either be similar to the rest of the home or contrasting to give it its own unique feel so you’ll have to take the call on this one.

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