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How And Where To Find Stylish Chairs For A Reasonable price

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Style should be democratic! In an ideal world every body would have access to beautiful things for the home. Good design would no longer carry a price tag that only a small percentage of the population could afford. Sound like a dream? Well not anymore, in this post there a handful of cherry picked items that are gorgeous but cheap, with links to where to get them.

First up is Urban Outfitters home department where you can purchase, modern, trendy, quirky furniture for price that won’t hit you too hard. Named Tallulah This chair is colorfully cute, a lovely sexy shape and has cool retro exposed legs, all for $375.

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This next chair is also from Urban Outfitters and it is included in this post just because how could we leave it out! Its called Spearmint and it is $250, which includes the seat and the foot stool, but it looks like it costs big bucks. The neutral color and sleek curves mean this item would fit in in pretty much any room.

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The last chair is the Emmabo rocking chair from Ikea. It is available in this yellow color and also dark blue. At only $19.99 this has to be the most amount of good design for under $20 around!

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