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How To Choose The Perfect Bed

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Choosing a new bed is a really personal thing after all it’s where you’ll be laying your head down for the next few years.

As far as the styles of bed available go, there’s sleigh beds, loft beds, day beds, double beds, single beds, king sized beds, the list goes on and on but which one you want will depend on your own style, the size of the room you have and the overall look you are aiming for.

This post isn’t about which beds look the best or which are the most originally designed, rather it’s simply about how to select the right mattress and suitable bed frame so that you’ll get the best possible sleep experience.

Bed Bases:

There are different types of bed base available and the first one we will look at is the divan.

The divan base is basically an upholstered box on which a mattress is placed.

For the best support go with a sprung edge divan, although it’s an expensive option it will make the mattress that goes on top of it last a lot longer!

There’s also the non-sprung divan option.

This is when the base is made of slatted wood- it’s a cheaper option. The downside is that your mattress won’t last as long as it should do and also beware of beds with slats that are far away from each other because it won’t provide adequate support.


Remember to buy the best mattress you can afford. Skimping on a bed is not where you want to cut costs!

Also remember that all sprung mattresses need to be turned over regularly to stop the springs from loosing their supportive qualities. There are non-turn mattresses on the market but they are more expensive than the standard version.

Sprung mattresses are considered the premium option. Good quality ones will be covered in a breathable fabric like cotton and the springs in the mattress will be well made.

An open sprung mattress is the cheap to mid-range option. In this mattress springs are laid out in rows and then connected to each other at the tops and bottoms of the coils meaning that the springiness of the mattress is distributed evenly.

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Continuous springs are the mid-range choice.These kinds of mattress will have springs that are interconnected and joined together horizontally so the bed will react more when you get in it!

The high-end mattress option is a pocket sprung mattress. Pocket sprung simply means that the springs are individually covered in fabric and work on their own instead of in a uniform fashion like the springs in the other two mattresses above.

If you have allergies and are finding that your allergies flare up when you get into bed then think about getting a foam mattress. Foam mattresses are pricey but there are hypo-allegenic ones and some have in-built anti-microbial elements to reduce allergens.

Another plus with foam mattresses is that they don’t need turning.

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