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How to choose the right fabric for your decorating purposes

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There are plenty of fabrics on the market today, but they are not equally suitable for different home needs. Here are some basic facts you need to know when choosing textiles for your home:

Cotton: cotton is maybe the most widespread fabric as it’s not expensive; it’s easily processed and holds dye and patterns well. Whatever finish you choose, it’s a good choice for almost every decorating purpose – curtains, furniture covers, linen, and pillows.

Denim: Denim is in fact a rugged cotton twill textile, but it’s woven differently than most cotton fabrics, so we’ll look at it separately. This fabric is very durable and because of its casual look is used in living rooms and children’s rooms. Don’t think that denim comes only in blue – it can be dyed in any color: black, white, green, red, anything.

Velvet: Sophisticated and mysterious, velvet is a synonym of luxury and elegance. Velvet may look formal and not very durable, but it’s ostensibly. A cotton velvet upholstery will outlive you if you take proper care of it.

Silk: Exotic and sophisticated, silk is valued for its wonderful sheen and soft feel to skin. It comes in various textures, including velvet and is most commonly used on pillows, sheets, wall covering and curtains. Translucent color curtains look especially spectacular. If you can’t afford real silk you can use art silk as well.

Linen: Linen has a specific charm thanks to its rugged texture and looks very well when it’s pressed. The only problem is that it can’t stay long that way – if you sit on linen upholstery it gets wrinkled instantly. Thus, linen is more suitable for curtains and blinds that don’t move much.

Synthetic fabrics: They can be woven to resemble almost every natural material. Synthetics like polyester and nylon are good in substitution of rare or/and expensive materials like leather and silk, but posses worse quality characteristics.

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