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How to Choose the Right Paint Color

paint chips how to tips adviceChoosing the paint color for your room, at first seems like the best place to start. True it will make a big change in your room but you need to have other things already picked out for the room. Furniture, rugs, fabrics are all things that need to be decided upon before choosing your paint color. Never go the opposite way; paint color then all the other items.

Once you have all your basic items in your room you can get ready to start deciding on paint colors. You should make sure to carry your coordinating samples with you. These will be your fabric pieces, tile, trim, etc. You are seeking the paint color that compliments what you already have in the room. A quick tip for working with print fabric is try and choose the background color in the fabric for your wall color.

You don’t want to be too “matchy” with your pieces and your wall colorings, so a good contrast is good when you have a lot of one color. If you have solid fabrics whose colors are repeated in many items in the room, go for a contrasting paint color. For this it would be helpful to get a paint wheel and find the color opposite the colors you are working with. This will give a great contrast from having too much of the same color and have your room looking great and well put together.

If you are having a hard time finding the color on the color chips at the local store never forget about custom color matching. You can have the exact color you want that may be in a fabric matched to the correct color. Once you think you are set on the colors you are interested in for your room. Look at it in many different lights to get a good view of what you really want. A perfect way to be sure is to take all your coordinating samples and your paint chips you have picked out and place them in the room you will have them in. Look at them throughout the day and evening. This will now give you a clearer picture of the paint will look in the room and with the coordinating pieces.

Anytime you have to paint the ceiling, you need to remember that the ceiling color is best made lighter than the wall colors. This is very easy to achieve by using white paint to dilute the wall color. A ratio of 25% color to 75% white works best.

Always remember wet paint dries differently. So, don’t fret about the paint color as you are painting it on. Wait until it dries to get the real effect of your wonderful work of choosing your own paint color.

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