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How To Go Green Without Losing Out On Style

Being green and environmentally conscious doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the stylish cool stuff for your home!

In this post there is a selection of items all with gleaming green credentials that are kind to the environment and to your eyes:

First is this wonderful Reclaimed Teak Dinning Set from a company called Design Around Objects.

They key to the good-looks of this piece lies in its understated beauty and strong symmetrical shapes.

designaroundobjectsteakdinningset how to tips advice

Next check out this cool CD chair, the designer Belen Hermosa has decided to do something interesting with unwanted CDs by making a modern chair from literally hundreds of them. As the designer points out, the making of CD’s and the materials used in the process are quite a large contributor to the amount of plastic wasted and used every year.

belenhermosacdchair how to tips advice

One of the most inventive uses of a reclaimed item out there has to be this bath tub chaise by Reestore. The actual tubs themselves are reclaimed vintage cast iron baths and you can choose any fabric you want for the soft base.

reestoremaxbathchaise how to tips advice

Lastly, here is a truly unique table that would shine in any room of the house. It comes from a charity company called Arts For Humanity and is made from old junk mail and magazines.

artsforhumanitytable how to tips advice

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