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How To: Installing a Hatbox Toilet

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You use the bathroom daily but would you ever be able to install a toilet in one? Of course you would. A toilet install is a little time consuming but it is a great do it yourself job. A Hatbox toilet is a great and beautiful toilet to have in your bathroom, why not install one yourself! This type differs from the normal one due to it’s shape, size, and electrical lid. Here is what you’ll need and how to do it:

Items Needed:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Tape Measure
  • Masking Tape
  • Screwdrivers of varying sizes
  • Supply Stop
  • 5/16″ T-Bolts
  • Wax Seal/Ring
  • Knife
  • All items that came with your new hatbox toilet



*You should have the electrical and rough end plumbing done prior to Hatbox Toilet install. See documentation that came with your new toilet for instructions.

  1. Install the 2 T-bolts into the floor flange (flange is part of the rough end)
  2. Place wax seal/ring  into the putty ring located on the bottom of the tank
  3. Position the Tank
    • Remove outlet basket
    • Mark centerlines on the floor
    • Align tank over floor flange
    • Lower tank onto the T-bolts. Make sure to align the T-bolts with mounting slots into the base of the tank
    • Align tank with centerline and position tank with T-bolts
    • Press down only on the cylinder where gasket is mounted
    • Replace outlet gasket
    • Position the loose end of the refill tube in outlet ring
  4. Secure tank by placing and washer then nut on each t-bolt and tightening by hand.
  5. Connect water and open shut off valve
  6. Turn on water supply
    • Move level on the motorized inlet valve to the locked position (open)
    • Adjust water level in the tank
    • Once water level is correct, turn lever back to the unlocked or closed position
  7. Install the Collar
    • Wire harness plug, level switch and refill tube should be laid on the floor extending out the rear access opening
    • Use one piece of tape to secure them all to the floor, to ensure no damage
    • Install collar and clip spray shield into place over the fill valve
  8. Install Vitreous Shell
    • Place it over the tank
    • Make sure the trapway sits fully in outlet gasket
    • Make all adjustments to ensure a perfect fit of the seated trapway
  9. Connecting the Wiring
    • Make sure everything is dry
    • Plug in pump
    • Connect the refill tube, level switch, and the wiring harness
  10. Install seat
    • Assemble the bolts, sleeves, and bushing into the holes
    • Do not fully tighten at this time
    • Lower seat and adjust seat position
    • Tighten bolts onto the seat, don’t over-tighten
    • Snap hinge cover into place over the hinge assembly
    • Seat and seat cover should now close slowly when you push it forward
  11. Put Access cover over the opening in the back of toilet, caulk around toilet but not around access cover.


Hatbox toilet should be up and running now. You now have an updated, cool, and attractive toilet in your bathroom. Enjoy!

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