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Staging the Act Right: 10 Innovative Tips to Help Sell Your Home With Ease

You have lived in it for quite sometime, you love it, but you wish to move on. You do not want it anymore, but you want others to buy it. That is the irony of selling your home and it is not so much about how good it is, but how well you get the act together to ensure people buy it for a price that you are looking for.

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The trick here is simple and it lies in treating your old house like a brand new home worthy enough for someone to move in. Here is how you can get that done with ease…

Attractive exterior helps lure them in

The best way to ensure that someone buys your home is by actually ensuring that they step in to take a look. Lure them in with a wonderfully attractive exterior, well painted walls (on the outside), a sparkling patio, neat walkways and some green plants that look inviting. Just simple tidiness and care should ensure that people gladly step in to take a look.

Disassociate yourself from your home and analyze it

Forget for a moment that it is your home and start thinking about it as a property that you wish to sell. Set aside your emotions and make sure that you analyze the pros and cons very objectively. Bring in a neutral observer to help you in the processes and chalk out things he would want to see differently.

De-personalize the interiors and reduce the clutter

Whether you are decorating, re-decorating or even trying to sell your home, reducing clutter is an obvious part. You want your home to look sleek and spacious, not untidy and congested to potential buyers. Also de-personalize the closets and remove stuff that shouts ‘you’. Let people picture their own design and interiors.

Repaint and re-organize interiors

For the few weeks when you decide to sell your home and are inviting people to take a look, sacrifice a tad bit of comfort for extra style and panache. Re-organize interiors to ensure that plenty of room is seen visually and people feel that the home is bigger than it really is. Also re-paint anything that is gaudy or a very personal choice of color with more sober, inviting and neutral shades.

Clean as if it is Spring Cleaning time

This is probably the last time you will clean your old home, so make sure every corner is sparkling and dirt free. There are many who will check every spot before they buy a home and dirt drives people away easily. If you have any sort of infestation, then just get rid of it completely.

Ensure that the minor repairs are fixed

Leaking taps or broken stuff is not a very appealing sight to those coming over and thinking about investing cash in your home. If you are trying to secure a deal, this will surely edge people out the wrong way. Get all the pending repairs done and get the rusty bolts and joints up and oiled. There is nothing like a perfect, hassle-free home that will attract buyers.

Dump all the waste and additional stuff in a separate storage unit

Just get a special storage unit and put all the stuff that is not needed in there so that your home looks a lot more spacious. This presents a very pleasant and appealing sight to those walking in. Remember that they are coming to check out the house and not all your personal belongings. This is not a garage sale for you to proudly display the unused possessions.

Re-arrange closet in bedroom and cabinets in kitchen

By re-arranging stuff in the cabinets and closets that are open for view, you will present a very likable and ambient picture. Just make sure that nothing is thrown around randomly and there are no stains anywhere. By making things look organized, you will add value and grace to the home.

Try and shift to a more ambient and bright lighting pattern

Most home buyers look for good natural ventilation and ambient artificial lighting as this will keep the home fresh and glowing. Keeping the home dark is not a smart way to go when you intend to sell it. Get the right lighting pattern and use mirrors to enhance the brightness and depth.

Make sure every little detail is in order

There are many other small yet important details that you must get in order. Put up a sale sign in your yard, as you never know who might be driving by! Get the pricing right and also ensure that your home smells right rather than like an old pile of furniture. Small things make a world’s difference.

Just let us know how it went out!!!

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