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Tips on Choosing an Interior Designer

pen paper tips how to tips adviceSo, you’ve been over to your neighbors newly designed home and you want the same for yours. If you want some major changes as in lighting, or structural changes you’ll want an interior designer to help you with all your design needs. Interior designers can help with design ideas and making your area beautiful and feel like a home. Need a hand on choosing someone, here’s a few tips from us at Home Design Find:

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask – if you find someone’s home you really like ask them all the details you can get out of them about the designer and the design process.
  2. Be Organized – Before starting your hunt for your interior designer get all your information together.
    • Budget
    • Size of Space
    • Who is the space for?
    • What space will be used for?
    • Time frame to be completed
  3. Be Confident – Never let someone pressure you into anything, take your time
  4. Interviewing – Interview anyone you think you may be interested in. Also, do the majority of your interviewing by phone then if they pass the phone interview have them come by to see the space.
  5. Samples of Work – everyone you interview needs to bring in sample books or something professional to show their work.
  6. Comfort Level – Before deciding on someone, make sure you two get along and ideas are along the same line.
  7. Call Around – don’t get taken advantage of with the cost. Be sure to ask around how much that exact job will be with details of what will be done. This way you can have an idea of cost.
  8. Upfront Cost – Get cost upfront of everything that will be done
  9. Get Everything in writing – from the estimate to the layout, every single detail should be in writing and signed by you and the designer.

Having your home interior done by a professional designer should be an exciting and fun time. Never settle and always agree to everything beforehand.

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