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Tips on Decorating an Apartment

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When you are living in a space that can’t be really changed, you will have your hands full of design issues and making it feel more like you. When you are a renter, many times you can’t paint, drill holes, or make any major changes. If you do, you’ll pay for it later. Most people opt to leave the place as-is, that is make no changes only move their items in and leave the rest alone.

Surprisingly enough, there are items you can change that you probably don’t even think about. If the home has lights with globes or lampshades, you can change those to whatever you like. You can also change out ceiling fan blades. Another change often looked over is switch plate covers. We’re sure you have seen those out but you probably haven’t thought about putting them in your home. It’s a simple change that can a bit of your personality into your place.

Apartments and rentals usually come standard with mini blinds. Even the patio doors will have blinds on them. A smart and quick change is to use removable curtain rod brackets. These come as plastic and can stick to most surfaces to hold your rods. Then when you leave just pop them off without any mark on the surface.

Just because you live in a place that doesn’t allow many changes, doesn’t mean you can’t show your personality. Check with your local hardware store and you can find many items that you can creatively incorporate into your home. Just remember, everything that you switch out that belongs to the home will have to be put back in when you leave. Keep those items in a safe place.

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