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Tips on Grouping Pictures

grouping pictures how to tips adviceWho said you can only hang one picture on a wall? If you have a large wall and you want to add some pictures, don’t be afraid to add multiple pictures. There are some easy ways to determine if pictures can be hung together on a wall. If you are daring enough to go for it, here are some simple tips to help you.

  • Same subject – pictures which have similar theme content and colors can be grouped together.
  • By size – size doesn’t have to be all the same to put them together. You can have a large picture surrounded by smaller ones or smaller ones on one side. Same sized pictures can also be grouped beautifully together on a wall.
  • Frame – if you have many pictures with the same frame, they appear to be a set. They can be grouped together even if the theme of the images aren’t quite the same.
  • Shape – Don’t be afraid to group different shapes together. Oval shapes can go with squares and rectangles.
  • Your particular style – No matter what tips you take from us, always incorporate your own particular style. You can be eclectic. All your pictures can have absolutely nothing in common. Just do what you like, it only has to please your eyes.

Grouping pictures is very simple. Either follow a pattern or just go crazy.

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