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Design Dilemma: Doors Add More

Mill Valley

A door is just a door, right? Wrong! A door is an opportunity to bring personality and verve to your space. Just this one simple change can infuse new style and pep into any room and set the tone for the rest of your home. So no, that sliding or swinging block of wood is not just about privacy anymore.

Shall we explore?

The Barn Door
Barn doors can bring instant rustic style to a cottage or farmhouse space. Even a city apartment, especially a loft, can take one on, provided there is enough wall space around the door frame to accommodate it.


Here’s another example of a barn door of a smaller scale that could work in any home:


And another look, this time distressed, in a garage that has been converted to a cottage:

My Houzz: Colorful Vintage Finds fill a Chic Modern Farmhouse

The Sliding Pocket Door.
Nothing comes off as more modern and sleek than a disappearing pocket door that glides open and close with the touch of a finger, like the ultra sleek pocket door below separating a bathroom from a dressing room.

utopia projects

Below, a sliding pocket door of glass between two areas of a kitchen:

The Rivendell Manor

A Red Door.

There’s no easier way to make a statement than to paint a door a bright red. Just look what it does for the kitchen below.

Lu-In+Dave: Squirrel Hill, PA

But blue can do the trick too!

contemporary entry how to tips advice

An Extra Tall Door.

Height adds majesty, enough said?

Full Height Door Details

Glass Paneled Doors.

Even when they are modern, glass doors feel classic and elegant.

Lake Shore Drive Bathrooms

And here, tall french doors separate a living space from a foyer, suggesting an elegant, grand space:

Travis Heights Shotgun

These sliding glass doors are cool to look at:

Model Home

Vintage Doors.
They can look especially cool in loft and industrial spaces. This one below is especially fun:

Division Street

So are these:

New Vintage Detroit

And this one:


And these carved vintage doors from Central America

Mission-Style Rancho in San Diego

In short, a door is not just a door. It’s an opportunity! Now it’s your turn to walk through that door of opportunity!

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